Two small churches, using social media and tools

Small churches in the Unitarian Universalist Association are a bit off the recognition map; so, too, are the Christian churches. Combine these and, well, good luck. But I’ve noticed two that are using social tools well and deserve recognition.

  • First Universalist Church, Providence, has revamped its website and (here’s the point) has started advertizing on Facebook. (I don’t like Facebook, but it’s probably a wise move.) Friend them on Facebook and visit if you’re in town.
  • All Souls Miami, an emerging congregation (but more of an adapted one) in Florida can email or (here’s the point) text members and attendees worship reminders — helpful since they don’t meet every Sunday. I don’t recall another congregation doing this.

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  1. As people use social media more and more small churches will need to utilize these sites as another resource to get their message out.
    Terry Reed
    Small Church Tools

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