Scout for state, federal legislation

While I don’t speak for my employer, the Sunlight Foundation, I am proud of many of its projects. There’s a new one I think many readers here might especially like. It’s called Scout; it searches through proposed state and federal legislation plus federal regulations and more.

Here’s it searching religious liberty. And if you make an account, you can be sent updates. (Do.)

I think it’s pretty clever, especially if you’re concerned about the a wave of similarly-themed legislation coordinated across state houses nationwide. (I can think of examples.)


Here’s an intro video where my colleague Eric Mill describes Scout’s features and how to use it more fully than I have described.

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  1. Just sent the link to myself at work – League of Women Voters of Colorado. I can think of several people on the Legislative Action Committee who will be interested.
    I see the Sunlight Foundation is supporting the Disclose Act. LWV is, too. While we were in DC for the LWVUS convention in June, several of us from Colorado visited Sen. Udall’s office to thank him for his support and urge him to keep working on it. I see both the Colorado senators voted for cloture today.
    Hope this isn’t too political a comment to belong here.

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