Notes from another church fellowship

American Unitarians and Universalists have, for about a century, kept and extended fellowship through a series of institutions, the largest and most notable today is the Church of the Larger Fellowship.

The British (and independently the Scottish) Unitarians and Free Christians have a similar fellowship. And the Quakers have one globally.

But when I discovered the Coptic-jurisdiction British Orthodox Church had one,  I knew I had to investigate. And thus the background for the next couple of posts.

2 Replies to “Notes from another church fellowship”

  1. I’m waiting for UUA to show us the plan for institutionalizing our movement if movement is indeed what we are. The Church of the Larger Fellowship seemed to me the likely model to build upon, but I’ve yet to see it woven into any plan. I fear UUs have grown so adverse to institutions that they many not even realize we need them.

  2. I’ll be really interested in what you present. The Orthodox–and Coptic orthodoxy specifically–are very dear to my heart.

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