Another thought about missions

In the last post I wrote about a new British (Coptic)  Orthodox church mission in Windsor. Though it has only had one worship service, some decisions are evident that show wise planning.

  • a once-monthly service on a Monday night, at 6:30 pm. In other words, after work for many.
  • a time that surely allows for easier deployment of a priest and borrowing of church space.
  • the basic service isn’t the Divine Liturgy (Eucharist, Mass)  but one of the daily offices, surely Vespers. Easier to organize in borrowed space, can be led without a priest (presumably) and open to interested non-Copts to participate, so more missiologically welcoming. (Did you know Universalists have a parallel Vespers tradition?)
  • Looking at other missions, the daily office — which may not be long — might be supplemented with lessons and refreshments.
  • Since it is a taught way of prayer, one can be encouraged to personal (home) prayer with the same order, encouraging interest between public services.

Food for thought.

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