How strategic the action?

So the election is over, and I’m reasonably satisfied by the outcome, especially in the four state ballot measures about same-sex marriage.

On election night, the DC coverage included a quick flash of a Standing on the Side of Love banner. I’ve never been sure of what to make of that campaign. At first it was an issue of the campaign’s compass, design and smugness. Now I wonder if any such campaign (especially in an electoral year) will be swept up, discarded or coopted by more sophisticated efforts.

Or is the effort that, as Unitarian Universalists, we must feel that our particular efforts are successful, as evidence of our self-worth and social relevance? Or perhaps we have politicaly muted, in-house campaigns because of our own broader-than-recognized political landscape. (Or as I think of it, “the Libertarian problem.”)

As for me and my money, I’ll take a savvy c4.

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