A small thought now the health exchanges have opened

One of the most proud institutional accomplishments from the UUA in the past decade or so was the creation of a health plan that a half-time-plus Unitarian Universalist pro could join. But it was and is quite expensive, and it always seemed like the coverage of last resort to me. (I was covered by my husband’s plan in my last pastorate, about a decade ago.)

But now — well, for plans beginning January 1 — Americans don’t risk uninsurability. We can go to the exchanges. So will this mean the accomplishment and the real tangibile benefit of the UUA providing a health plan will end? And does it mean it should end? I know that, if I were in a parish and buying coverage (and I manage the employee health insurance plan at work) I would go with D.C.’s exchange. That’s a basic economic decision, and not a close call.

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