My blog workflow

This is blog post #3,500; I’ve been writing over almost eleven years. I thought worthwhile to talk about how I blog now.

  1. I try to keep several blog posts written and scheduled for publication. Right now my goal is six scheduled posts at any given time. Just because I try to publish something every day, it doesn’t mean I write something new every day.
  2. I treat the week as the basic measure of time. I tend to post heavy or controversial works early in the week. I post follow-up or supporting information mid week. And lighter items, including quotations and happy thoughts later in the week.
  3. I publish scheduled items at 7:00 a.m. Eastern time (sometimes later on the weekend) to be fresh for morning and lunch readers.
  4. If I’m included the blog round up (hi Heather Christensen!), I usually get a bump in traffic over the weekend so I’m not prone to start a heavy new subject.
  5. Controversial items do bring traffic, but I won’t bait readers by saying something I can’t defend. (That doesn’t mean I’ll open debates, though. They’re rarely productive.)
  6. Theological topics, I’ve learned, take tons of time to do correctly and get little attention.
  7. If you want me to write on a subject, or focus on a theme, comment. I try to respond to commentators’ requests and interests.
  8. I tend to blog one or two overlapping themes.
  9. I block out text-heavy blog posts, this one included, using my phone to dictate through the WordPress phone app. I copy edit and add links later. Saves the wrists, you know.
  10. I promote the more substantial blog posts and resources on Facebook and Twitter.
  11. I do have an editorial style, though so far unwritten. (No, I won’t refer to you by “the Rev.” but I will refer to you as a minister on first reference if it’s applicable, for instance.)
  12. Growing edge? More images and charts.

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  1. I pulled the SQL table with the posts, stripped out the worst gunk and dropped it into a word processor to apply University of Georgia thesis style: to memorialize the thesis I never finished.

    This doesn’t seem right, but it came out to three thousand pages and about two million words. Yikes.

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