Who were (are?) the Universalist Comrades?

Call it my late Cold War childhood, but I’ve always found the term comrade thrilling in a slightly transgressive way. Which make the Order of Universalist Comrades, a national men’s organization, so appealing. Appealing, but evidently short-lived.

Like similar women’s and mixed young adult organizations, its goal seems to have been fund raising and wholesome entertainment, in the mold of then-more common city clubs, and may have been an outgrowth of freestanding clubs.

But without documentation, it’s hard to say. Will keep an eye out for references.

And perhaps an opportunity to consider the next wave of men’s organizations.

4 Replies to “Who were (are?) the Universalist Comrades?”

  1. Interesting–sometime between 1900-1960, or 19th Century? I’ve never before heard of it.

  2. AHL/HDS lists something called “Handbook of the Universalist Comrades” in their archives. No date, apparently no one has ever looked at it. But then the next amazon hit is something by Ken Patton, which makes me wonder if there is a thread of language and generational gestation here.

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