3 Replies to “Neighborhood of Boston, 2014”

  1. The folks in Hopedale (twixt Milford and Mendon) would like to get on there, I’m sure.

  2. Also missed myself, at first glance, Leominister and Fitchburg, both still clinging to live, I think.

  3. The edge of the map is problematic., I admit. The upload-to-maps feature only takes 100 rows, so I peeled off churches Worcester westward, near New Bedford and on the Cape by hand to get to 100. But that wasn’t enough, so some edge cases (like Hopedale) came off while their neighbors stayed on.

    The eventual goal is to get a map keyed to the MBTA — for my use, and to promote transit for churches — so Providence will appear and some small towns outside the 128 will come off. (I’ll do the same for D.C. at some paint, but I know those personally already.)

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