Universalist polity echo

So, I was reading forms from the Church of England Diocese of Europe (as one does) and came across an “Application for the Authorisation of a Congregational Worship Leader.” (PDF)

As the diocese’s reach extends to Ulaanbataar and Vladivostok — not to mention parts in between — it makes sense there would be a provision for such leaders. And even more, a provision for non-Anglican leaders. After all, in some parts, the Church of England presence may be the only Anglophone option.  Non-Anglican but baptized Christians have to complete one more step: to “acknowledge the Church of England as part of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church” and “accept the teaching, discipline and authority of the Church of England.” That’s it.

Which reminds me of the pre-consolidation provisions for Universalist fellowship, for persons entering the ministry and presumably parishes: to accept the essential theological standard of the Universalist Church, and to abide by its laws.

Not so onerous a lift.

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