5 Replies to “More photos from Liberty Universalist, Louisville, Mississippi”

  1. Hi Scott, My family was among those who began Liberty back in the mid 1800s. Coincidentally stumbled across your blog and thought I’d share… đŸ™‚

  2. Hey Scott.
    I was pleased to find your message pertaining to Liberty Universalist Church in rural Winston County.
    To update you (very briefly), I’ve been serving Liberty Church as a bi-monthly lay minister since 1997. I would like to go every month, but 6-hour drive round-trip makes me change my mind. Besides, I’m not getting any younger! This April will be 18 years. In that time, we’ve increased the number of times they meet per month (from once every other month to twice a month) and use lay speakers to help provide services. We’ve increased membership and attendance at services, attracting some people from the Starkville area.

    I’ll tell you more about it later but must get back to preparing my deductions for our taxes. I hope you are well and reasonably happy.

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