Getting ready for GA: so you think we have jargon today?

Cover from a “getting ready for General Convention 1915” newsletter. On the special train that took delegates to California!


But where does the name come from? My guess:

  • UGC: Universalist General Convention
  • WUMA: Women’s Universalist Missionary Association (I’m guessing. The organization tended to change names. A precursor to the UU Women’s Federation.)
  • YPCU: Young People’s Christian Union
  • SS: probably Sunday School (Union)

2 Replies to “Getting ready for GA: so you think we have jargon today?”

  1. Somewhere I’ve read about that special train ride loaded with female missionaries and Universalist teens. So full of optimism for the future. Little did they know how much different the world would look after the end of the World War 1 and the influenza pandemic.

  2. How wonderful to see that pilgrimage mentioned here. They published a little memorial book, which is somewhere in my Universalist collection. Needless to say, the cover is bright yellow.

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