Hymns of the Spirit at General Assembly 2014?

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If you were at the 2014 General Assembly, or watched it by streaming video, you would have seen in the opening ceremony -- the one with the banner parade, greetings, adoption of the rules and the first worship service -- a prayer from Hymns of the Spirit, and you may have wondered "how did that happen"? It's not exactly in the daily consciousness of Unitarian Universalists. bitb_ga2014_02

The prayer hits at about 1:35:20, read by service leader and Unitarian Universalist minister Erika Hewitt. You'll have to listen in; it's not printed in the prepared printed document.

The prayer, a confession, is from a Hymns of the Spirit, or more accurately, the Services of Religion that usually prepended it. A composite and adaptation of the prayer of confession from Service Eleven (which I began to muse on here) and the second prayer of aspiration from Service Eight.

So who wrote them?

  • "O Thou unseen source of peace and holiness…" by Von Ogden Vogt.bitb_ga2014_01
  • "Into this house of light we come…" by (don't be shocked) Von Ogden Vogt.


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