Follow up: New Testament with Psalter purchased

I went ahead and orderod what seemed to be the most practical New Testament with Psalter; it arrives on Wednesday. Not in love with the theme and it seems to be (non-leather) softback, but the size, translation and price are right. And I can use the “helps” as a substrate to paste on prayer material.

Faith-Sharing NRSV New Testament with Psalms (Cokesbury)

If that doesn’t do, I’ll go for one of these.

4 Replies to “Follow up: New Testament with Psalter purchased”

  1. The extra material sounds a bit ghastly.

    I wonder if the archives of the Bible Design Blog would help.

    Separate question: what would a phone app/mobile website Bible have to look like for you to be comfortable using it? What is your use case that makes existing ones fiddly?

  2. The publisher is the mainline (United Methodist) publisher Cokesbury, so I suspect it’ll be less rather than more ghastly. And I’ll probably overlook them either way. We’ll see tomorrow.

    Bible Design Blog is leather heavy. So no. I used to read that blog avidly, but it’s a bit obsessive.

    Why no phone? The uniformly poor interfaces for going to a passage. I can flip through a codex much more quickly and easily. You get more text at one time, too. And the battery doesn’t run down. (I did use my phone to read a psalm from my seat in Providence, but only because a Bible was out of reach.)

  3. Having a codex means never having to say, “Damn, my battery just died.”

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