A pastor without a car?

A similar post, like Wednesday’s. Musing on a reality that “might ought could” (as we say in the South) be examined, even challenged.

Is it practically possible, say, in a larger city or even a  large college town, to pastor a church without a car? I’m not sure it is. It assumes your home, church and most parishioners — not to mention civic events — are conveniently clustered, or accessed by reliable (and Sunday-serving) transit.

And a shame, too. Car ownership is a huge cost — and car maintenance a financial crap shoot. My husband and I haven’t had a car in six or seven years, and have saved a bundle, and that’s considering the occasional car rental or cab.

Reimbursements only go so far. I hear so much from ministerial colleagues about student debt and making ends meet. A car-free ministry would be a big help.

But, does anyone here do it?


2 Replies to “A pastor without a car?”

  1. I yearn for it; I guess I am still the small town boy who walked to church and everywhere else in our little burg. I could not imagine, though, being called to a hospital bedside and waiting on public transit, as an example, though cabs are an option. My family and I have chosen to stay in one place and my interim ministries, all over eastern Mass, have and will require driving. I’d love to be car-less, with rentals for the occasional holiday trip, but it’s not to be.

  2. I have a good friend from seminary who serves as a full time associate pastor at a UCC church outside of Boston. He only owns a scooter, and supplements that with Zip Cars and the MBTA, especially in the Winter.

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