Asking you for a meat offset

Our little Daisy the Dog suffered an injury earlier this week. She’s now under going treatments, and because she’s in a good bit of pain gets pain management medication. This means pills, and she’s not a good pill taker at the best of times. Because she’s already distressed — and not eating — we’ve relented on her usual diet. This is where I’d like you to come in.

Husband and I are vegetarians. We feed Daisy a balanced, vet-approved vegetarian diet. We love her, and we care about other animals, too, so much so that we don’t eat them. But we’re feeding her a particularly stinky (and vet-supplied) meat diet to stimulate her appetite and cover the bitterness of the pills.

As vegetarians go, we’re pretty mellow, not the least because I used to be an obnoxious anti-vegetarian not all that many years ago. Better to share a recipe or a dish, than to be a nuisance.

So the ask. Can you please put meat or eggs aside for a meal or two while Daisy recovers? And if given a choice, less boneless breast of chicken is probably best. Apart from the harm to the birds, it’s almost flavorless, hard to cook well and its preparation has a huge injury rate. It was the first thing I gave up in my path to vegetarianism.

And if not that, perhaps a hash brown breakfast in place of eggs? Skip bacon; a smaller steak?

We love Daisy, and would do anything for her. But it’s hard to to love one animal and not remember the harm to others.

So may I impose on you? A few less meat or egg dishes until Daisy gets back to normal?


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  1. I hope she gets better soon. I loved my dogs fiercely and still have their pictures. There are mostly meatless breakfasts and some lunches around here as it is; I hope that will help.

  2. I am so, so sorry to hear about Daisy! I know how difficult it is to watch a beloved furry family member suffer, and I hope she mends quickly. Please know that y’all are in my thoughts, and that we went to Sweet Tomatoes (salad bar chain, in case you don’t have one in DC) as an offset contribution.

    Please keep us posted on her progress! Hugs to all of you!

  3. I can’t help sharing that our vegetarian household had the same sort of experience with our dog Lena (1981-1994) in her latter days.

    All the best with Daisy.


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