Long live UniversalistChristian.net

Well, I can’t seem to reclaim the universalistchurch.net domain, despite my repeated appeals to the registrar. (I don’t have access to either email address with which I registered it aeons ago.)

But I own universalistchristian.net, so after some tinkering I’ve moved the site dedicated to the “Christian hope in the final restoration of all souls, and those who believe it” there. It’s largely historical and liturgical material.

But this episode has shown me the limits of WordPress for what should be a simple site, so I plan on converting it (with all the text) to a simpler, easier-to-maintain and (I hope) faster loading platform like Pelican. And now that I have a functioning site, I can try.


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  1. WordPress can work as a CMS for what are essentially static Web sites — my partner is doing marketing communications these days, and finds WordPress to be useful for building static sites. She works with a developer who customizes themes for static sites, but she tells me that you can get free themes designed for building a static site.

    Not that I’m pushing WordPress — Pelican looks good, too — but I did want to point out that WordPress could work. I think the real problem with WordPress right now is that you almost have to hire a developer — it’s gotten a little too complicated to use.

    My $.02 worth, your mileage may vary….

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