The page turned to GA 2016

I stumbled across the webpage of the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly, which talks about — in broad terms — next year’s convention.

It’s in Columbus, Ohio.

It’ll certainly be less expensive for more people than last year’s (Portland, Oregon) and possibly than 2017 GA in New Orleans, as Columbus is a lower cost city for hotels and nearer the population centroid for Unitarian Universalists, which is in Illinois.

I hope to be there. So what great plans can we make with the opportunity?

2 Replies to “The page turned to GA 2016”

  1. I haven’t attended a GA since Long Beach in ’04. This one really attracts me and I’d love to personally meet with universalists and ultimate reconciliation people.

    I wonder how eating opportunities are for food purists in that neighborhood of Columbus. Some of us didn’t do too well in Long Beach.



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