UU congregations: three more days to certify

Wednesday, February 3. The deadline was pushed back, so today is the last day to certify, if you’re in one of the 148 remaining congregations!

I’m fond of certification time for the UUA. It’s when I get new data to analyze. But for congregations, it’s an important annual task. Without it, no voting representation at General Assembly. And I’ve noticed that churches that don’t tend to register are often not long for this world. Don’t tempt fate; certify.

All congregations must have filed for certification by 5 p.m. PST on February 1, 2016, in order to be certified for GA. Only certified congregations may send voting delegates to the 2016 General Assembly.

There are 383 uncertified congregations right now. I know many will certify over the weekend. Don’t let yours be left out.

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  1. Here’s an update about the deadline on the UUA web site:

    Update: Due to a technological outage on Friday morning, January 29, the certification deadline has been extended by 2 days. It was originally due on February 1. It is now due on February 3.

    Login to submit and review your congregation’s directory listing and certified data; complete the congregational poll; and complete the new questionnaire. Congregations must complete the certification process by February 3, 5PM PT in order to send delegates to General Assembly.


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