UniversalistChristian domain updates

I have two closely-named domains that I’m trying to make better use of. Here’s an update.

  1. UniversalistChristian.net started out as a mirror of the historical documents I kept at UniversalistChurch.net — I’ve been having problem with that domain; to be fixed — and thus is the clearest continuation of the websites I started in 1996. I’ve made it a bit cleaner, and, in time, want to give it a better typographical presence as outlined by Matthew Butterick. I’ll also be cleaning up typos in the worship section and adding new content.
  2. UniversalistChristian.org was most recently (and until yesterday) a sandbox for the new UU WordPress theme. But that’s a waste of the domain, so I’ve taken it down and am reserving it for a companion project to UniversalistChristian.net, and in so doing, will give them proper names.

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