What I kinda want for church. Sometimes.

So, I was talking with some friends about what I to see in a Christian church conference, and opined, I’d like to see it

  • coffee
  • morning prayer and communion with sermon
  • a good lecture [with a home-grown lecturer]
  • a (re-)introduction to unconference meetings (people will need to be prep-ed ahead of time)
  • one workshop session
  • lunch
  • two more sessions
  • evening prayer
  • dinner out

And after a moment’s thought added.

If I got that kind of day twice a year, with a cheery Christmas and Easter service, I’d be set.

OK, perhaps add a the odd social event and a good, encouraging and informational monthly or biweekly email and I’d be set. Most of the time. It may not be church as we’ve known it, and indeed it might not even be governed as a church as we’ve had it — but I bet a religious option like this would appeal to people not currently served, and with fewer resources thanit takes to run a church.

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  1. In some ways, the Episcopal Church’s Brotherhood of Saint Gregory almost functions the way you describe it (but it is a community of men under vows). And the the 2 meetings are more like 5 day retreats (January and July). Members are only required to attend the July one.

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