Hiram, Maine Universalist church disbands

No sooner did I beg off following news from the UUA Board than a couple of people kindly noted news in the Board packet for the meeting this weekend. There was — with a gigantic and startling packet of recent Board correpondence — the news, that the First Universalist Society, Hiram, Maine had “dissolved.” (I prefer the term “disbands” as it seems less like it was dropped in a barrel of acid.)

The Hiram church was not large. In my copy of the 2001 UUA directory, it reported four members. Even in 1878 (a quick look at the registers online) only show 28 families in the parish. The inland town has also never been large, and while in a beautiful setting that doesn’t mean that any church could keep residents, or attract ministers. Its existance, in any form, was its accomplishment.

It was listed as federated. I don’t know what it’s federation partners were, but if they continue I hope they have long years of ministry ahead. (Perhaps this community church, converted last year to a cultural center?) If not, I hope the people of Hiram find and create ministry where they can.

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  1. That cultural center is probably the one. Many of the Universalist churches of the late 19th Century in Maine used the same architect so there is a startling similarity between them. That building is typical.

  2. . This is sad news but unfortunately is typical of what has happened and is continuing to happen to congregations of all denominations in Northern New England. I am currently blessed to be a member of a growing congregation in Montpelier, Vermont. And the congregation I served as music minister for 14 years (St Johnsbury Vermont) is also growing

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