UniversalistChristian.net down for rebuilding

My UniversalistChristian.net site — one of the places I stash Universalist Christian documents — got infected and so rather trying to clean it, I have completely take it down.

I’m really long past giving my documents sites a collective scrub, so I plan on doing that, with other security updates besides. I’ll appreciate your patience.

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  1. We’ve been using the Wordfence plugin for site security on our congregation’s WordPress CMS web site. Here is the link for the plugin:


    I’ve been very happy with the protection it gives and we have so far avoided serious hacking problems with our web site.

  2. I use Wordfence, but not on all of my sites. And now the Spirit site has been corrupted. A post-hoc installation of Wordfence only made things worse.

    Good news? Moving to Jekyll-based sites works for the sites that are basically documentation isn’t hard. UniversalistChristian.net is already up.

  3. My Jekyll backup for the Hymns of the Spirit site was incomplete, so I zapped the old WordPress and installed it fresh.

    Have to stay on this!

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