Non-Subscribing Presbyterians have new website, services online

I was watching some Holy Week and Easter videos from Non-Subscribing Presbyterians in Ireland. I have known about them for decades but have never seen one of their services. Be sure to see and the several videos by the Rev. David Steers, including his effective use of a litany to create a moment of worship, here for Good Friday, and the Easter service from Killinchy, led by the Rev. Philip Reain-Adair.

Killinchy, where is that? I went to the website of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland, and saw that it had been completely revamped. Congratulations!

8 Replies to “Non-Subscribing Presbyterians have new website, services online”

  1. They also have daily prayer videos from the NSPCI First Church in Belfast on YouTube.

  2. I see that the UNMC in Washington has a service this Sunday via Zoom, but that’s at 3am here in NZ!

    I wonder if there’s any likelihood of having it available to watch at a later time?

  3. David, I don’t think we’re ready yet, but the technical piece gets better week by week. So, an open-ended maybe.

  4. As someone also on the other side of the world, I’d also be interested – seeing as I’m unlikely to be visiting Washington DC any time soon!

    Hope you’re coping OK with the NZ lockdown, David.

  5. Hi Demas,

    Thank you for your wishes!

    Hope you’re coping well where you are, and Scott, in Washington!

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