The Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship website is …

Out of habit I went to to see the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship website, but it wasn’t there! Come to find out it is at (and only at), at least for the time being.

Heavens, but it’s a bit of an archeological site. I have it on good authority that comments about improving the site are welcome — including what new features you would like to see — and those comments may be left here. (I will have some of my own.)

3 Replies to “The Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship website is …”

  1. Wow! I haven’t been active with UUCF in a long time. And its been probably 2 decades sense I attended a Revival. Wonder if they are ever coming back?

  2. Yes, I get it. A different name would be nice. Something that feels a bit more authentic to the tradition, and less likely to be viewed as tongue-in-cheek.

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