So, will I ever blog again? I’ve had some version of this blog for twenty years now and it has had its ups and downs, but I’ve written little in the last few years. My heart’s not been in it. It was a lot more fun when there was cross-talk between blogs, but I don’t expert to see so much of that ever again.

But even if the band got back together, I doubt I would ever go back to blogging the same way with a particular Unitarian Universalist Association beat (it’s hard to muster interest) or a self-imposed writing schedule (as I never had the readership to justify it.) Long form Universalist writing will go first to the Universalist Christian Initiative, which I desperately need to restart or close. But it seems worthwhile, so I’ll put my mind to that.

So let’s see if I can make a proper weblog of it; a place where I can log resources and thoughts that come to mind without getting too caught up in making a presentable article.

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  1. Changing contexts and commitments make these choices difficult, and maybe in some ways inevitable.

    I also think that as on-line media continues to fragment and multiply, it just becomes harder and harder to have cross conversation. I find it impossible to keep up with every new platform, and have felt a need as years have gone by to do less and less “keeping up”.

    How can I live well in the digital world, when I need to do a better job living well in the physical (incarnate) world.

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