How big is this communion cup?

So, at church today I saw this communion cup left in the pew rack. It must have been overlooked the last time we had communion.

So I brought it home to measure, wash and return. And since I have a portable kit with similar glasses, I’ll measure those and see if they are a standard size.

Calipers out (don’t you have church calipers?) I see it is

  • 36.7 mm diameter at the rim
  • 26 mm in diameter at the base
  • 47.1 mm tall

On the scales, I see it weighs 22g empty, and can hold about 10ml to the rim. But that’s an impractical amount for a service; 6ml is about right.

But then on sight, I could see the glasses in the portable case and the church set are different. The glasses in the portable set are

  • 39.8 mm diameter at the rim
  • 25.2 mm diameter at the base
  • 37.5 mm tall

It weighs 16g empty, holds about 7ml to the rim, and should be filled with 4 or 5 ml. A smaller, squatter glass makes sense for a portable kit, to be fair.

But why measure? Threes reasons come to mind: finding matching replacement glasses, details for making communion trays (in the wood shop, or perhaps today 3D printed) and to buy and carry the right amount of wine or juice.

Two glass cups on a black surface
The cup from church is one the left.

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