Love and marriage

Good God, I might actually get married in my own country.

I’m at home today, ill, a bit fevered and with a hacking cough. Got up to try to accomplish some work, and (to that end) checked my email. Vanity led me to check if anyone had added a comment to my blog, and noticed my friend Terrance’s blog (The Republic of T) was updated.

He broke the news that the supreme court of Massachusetts has ruled in a split decision that the ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, and that the legislature has 180 days to find a solution.

The UUA’s website has a copy of the opinion.

And some reportage from the newspaper (which for the moment pushes the President’s trip to London and the results of one of the sniper trials off the top of the electronic headlines) where the man I love works:

Massachusetts Court: State Wrong to Ban Gay Marriage (Washington Post)

P.s. It seems I can receive permission to solemnize marriage in Massachusetts but reading between the lines, it seems that as a non-resident it would probably mean an extra effort.

How appropriate that on the CD player I’ve got a Katrina and Waves singing Walking on Sunshine (a UK purchase) because � despite the cough � I “gotta feel good.”