Sometimes a complaint works!

I was disappointed to see the 1927 issues of the Christian Leader (the Universalist denominational magazine) unavailable at the Hathi Trust site. They fell into the public domain on January 1, but since they had been misdated as 1930, they were not available.

A small (but nicely worded) email of complaint to the people at the Hathi Trust got a reply. The original scanner would have to examine and re-date the files to open them up. And they did.

Enjoy a Universalist window into 1927. (Hathi Trust)

(Now, who do I have to write at Harvard to get the issues from the 1930s to the mid 1950s included in their scanning program? They did the later ones.)

Paul Dean at 240

Today is the 240th birthday of Universalist minister Paul Dean.

He is much less well remembered than his Boston colleague and contemporary Hosea Ballou, and when I recently learned that Dean (and his wife) have an unmarked grave in the same cemetery that Ballou has a grand monument with a statue. I’ve started transcribing his only book the 1832 A Course of Lectures in Defence of the Final Restoration and I will release chapters of it on this site, starting today.

But first, a taste. Dean, on why not to believe the orthodox Calvinist position on election:

Lastly, we object to this as a scripture doctrine, because we think it calculated most unreasonably to discourage and drive, even into despair, beyond the reach of hope, the erring, weak minded, and scrupulous, who most of all need to be soothed in affliction, and encouraged to reform, and then to grow in grace daily. — Nor is this all; — on the other hand it has a tendency to countenance the arrogant, and lift up with pride the presuming, and embolden the hardened hypocrite.