Gospel Liturgy's Tuesday morning

With the light of another morning, we lift our souls unto Thee, O Lord, in grateful acknowledgement of that mercy which is Israel’s keeper, and which never slumbers nor sleeps. We rejoice in the renewal or the day, and desire to consecrate ourselves anew to Thy service, that we may show forth the praises of him who hath called us out of darkness into marvellous light.

Help us to feel the need to watchfulness and prayer, in the sitting scenes of a busy world. Suffer us not to slumber at the post of duty, lest we sleep in sin. May our virtue be the courage of our faith, our cheerfulness the patience of hope, our example the life of charity.

So shall the day testify a conscience void of offence toward man, and toward Thee; and when we lie down in the evening, we shall not be afraid – and our sleep shal be sweet.

¶ All unite in the Lord’s Prayer. ¶ Scripture lesson. ¶ One of the Prayers on pages 60-62.

  • Gospel Liturgy, p. 143.

Gospel Liturgy's Monday morning

God over all, blessed for ever: We praise Thee for the refreshment of repose, and forthe morning list which calls us anew into the activities of the world. We bless Thee also for the joy of hope; yet we would soberly consider the appointed means of happiness, and be fitted for the enjoyment of life by preparation for its duties.

Enable us, O Lord, in all things to exemplify the principles of our holy religion. Save us from being cast down by evil reports of erring men, or elated by the flattery of human applause, or misled by the fashion of the world, or in any way ensnared to follow the multitude in doing evil.

May we continually be found in the path of righteousness: our lips without guilde, our mouth filled with Thy praise, our hands diligent in business, our feet ready to run on errands of mercy.

Thy going forth, O Lord, is prepared as the morning. May Nem>we go forth unto our work and to our labor until the evening, following on to know Thee. And as Thou takes pleasure in the prosperity of Thy people, may we be prospered in taking pleasure in Thee.

¶ All unite in the Lord’s Prayer. ¶ Scripture lesson. ¶ One of the Prayers on pages 60-62.

  • Gospel Liturgy, p. 142-3.

Gospel Liturgy's Sunday morning

Since we’ve come “back around” to tbe beginning of the section entitled “Morning Family Worship” we get a rubric . . .

The formulas for “Sunday-Schools and Families,” pages 128-135, may be substituted for the following

Thou, Lord, seest us in the silent darkness, and art with us in the deathlike solemnity of sleep. When we awake we are still with Thee; and now that the light of day is all around us, may the light of Thy countenance shine shine so vividly within us, that nothing we behold, or think of, may cloud the glory of Thy presence.

Thou hast hallowed a day of rest from labor, that man, coming away from the din and hurry of life, might sanctify the hours in the quiet of meditation, and be listed into communion with heaven. Mercifully incline us to the appointed blessing, and enable us to say into all worldly cares and anxieties, Be still, and know that this day is the day of the Lord.

We give Thee heary thanks for the continued protection and bounty of Thy providence; for all our personal and domestic comforts; for all temporal favors; and for all our religious aspirations.

Especially do we praise Thee for the guidance and hope of divine revelation. Thou hast given us Thy holy word, as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night; and though we walk in a world of mystery, we are assured that there is no element at work in it, which is unknown to Thee, or beyond Thy control.

Lord, give unto us the believing mind and the prayerful heart. Enable us truly to revere Thee, that we may fully walk in the way of Thy heavenly law: enable us fully to trust Thee, that our souls may enter into the promised rest.

¶ All unite in the Lord’s Prayer. ¶ Scripture lesson. ¶ One of the Prayers on pages 60-62.

  • Gospel Liturgy, p. 141.

Gospel Liturgy's Saturday morning

Note: this would be a good prayer for a funeral, perhaps matching the Saturday when Jesus was in the grave.

Evermore, O Lord, hast thou made the outgoings of the morning to rejoice; yet day follows day into darkness, and night after night passes away for ever. Friend after friend departs into Thine invisible presence, and we are left among the living and visible things of the earth, for a purpose to be fully satisfied hereafter.

Merciful Father, prepare us by Thy grace for the fulfilment of Thy wise design. And grant that in the fleeting show of tiem and sense, we may so number our days as to apply our hearts unto wisdom.

Enable us, O Lord, to set Thee always before our eyes, and to discern Thee in all Thy wonderful ways. In the midst of our busiest pursuits and of our best enjoyments, we may remember that we are strangers and pilgrims in the earth; and while we look for the better country, may we so use the world as not abusing either it or ourselves. Walking trustfully, may we devote the strength and length of our days to the highest service, and peacefully pass into the heavenly rest.

¶ All unite in the Lord’s Prayer. ¶ Scripture lesson. ¶ One of the Prayers on pages 60-62.

  • Gospel Liturgy, p. 145.

Gospel Liturgy's Friday Morning

Blessed Father, in whom is the well-spring of all our joys: Day unto day uttereth speech of Thine; night unto night showeth knowledge of Thee. We close our eyes under Thy protection: we open them to behold Thy goodness. O let us never forget from whom all blessings flow; and may gratitude for Thy favors be exalted in devotional trust.

Thou art the Father of Mercies, and only in Thee can we find what we need, to awaken our best powers, and to satisfy our spiritual longings. Thou art the Fountain of living waters, and apart from Thee there is no life nor refreshment to the soul.

Enable us, O Lord, to grow daily in knowledge of Thy truth and grace, that we may press on to higher victories over the world, and over ourselves. Direct us, we beseech Thee, in all our endeavors, and mercifully bring us to Thyself, through the paths of pleasantness and peace.

¶ All unite in the Lord’s Prayer. ¶ Scripture lesson. ¶ One of the Prayers on pages 60-62.

  • Gospel Liturgy, p. 144.

Gospel Liturgy's Thursday morning

With glory to Thee, O Lord, very morning should begin, and every evening should close. What have we that is not Thine! Alas that a world so full of Thy mercies, should be so empty of Thy praise!

Lord, increase our faith, strengthen our hope, and enlarge our charity.

Teach us to watch over our ways, that temptation may never be able to suprise us; and do Thou so keep us in Thy fear and love, that sin may never obtain the dominion over us.

May no prospect of worldly advantage, not any dread of worldly loss, ever lead us to swerve from Thy commandments; and whatever be Thy will, with respect to the good things of this life, be pleased to put gladness in our hearts, through a living trust in Thy holy word.

¶ All unite in the Lord’s Prayer. ¶ Scripture lesson. ¶ One of the prayers on pages 60-62.

  • Gospel Liturgy, p. 144.

Gospel Liturgy's Wednesday morning

In his 1871 manifesto Our New Departure E. G. Brooks dourfully noted that the Universalists were not “a praying people” (more about that later) so I doubt this 1861 service or its week of companions were often used as intended. Still, after I type in all the mornings and evening, I hope to see a pattern and how this cycle of morning and evening family prayer does or does not tie into the general scheme of worship

The day, O Lord, is Thine: the night also is Thine. Unto whom shall we come, but unto Thee? And where shall we begin, or where shall we end, if we attempt to number the praises of the Lord? Thy mercies are new every morning, and fresh every evening; and whoso most gracefully enjoys them, the best obeys Thy will.

Lord, sanctify to us Thy perpetual loving-kindness. Help us to estimate it justly, to feel it constantly, and to acknowledge it continually.

Enable us to glorify Thee in all our thoughts and way, knowing that we are not our own. May our bodies be kept in honor and purity, our souls be in fellowship with all that is lovely and of good report, and our whole being acceptably hymn Thy Praise.

¶ All united in the Lord’s Prayer. ¶ Scripture Lesson. ¶ One of the Prayers on pages 60-62.

  • From Gospel Liturgy (1861), p. 143-44.