Chris Walton (Philocrites) asks:

Have you seen the Emerging UU Congregational Resources website? It’s a joint project of the Central Midwest and Pacific Northwest districts.

I hadn’t — hereafter I’ll refer to it by the more memorable EmergingUU.org — so gave it a look.

Funny, but I had never heard of it, so I’m thinking it’s in a “pre-release” or beta phase. (The domain was registered on February 28 and the front page was last updated March 1, so it’s hardly old.) One concern I have it that it promotes new measures but in a old format, particularly in its implicit “us to you” information delivery. I think it should be “many to many” — say, a wiki. (Even the church-planting mailing list I host is pretty retro; it may be several-to-several, but its work is not widely seen.) And what kind of license will the resources be released in, if any?

But as I say, it seems to be in early days and after such a drought in church planting resources among Unitarian Universalists I am fundamentally encouraged.

The best response is to have more and more voices about church planting and for these to interlink. That address again? EmergingUU.org [2009-08-13. Dead link]