40 down, buying clothes

Well loyal readers, I’m proud to announce that have lost 40 pounds to date. Six more to meet my original goal. Some time soon, I’ll get a new photo of myself on the blog. Only those who know me but haven’t seen me in an age will tell the difference.

I mention this too because I have been ordering clothes: I can hardly fit into anything I wore even six months ago. When everything comes in and I’ve vetted them and run them through the wash, I’ll report back. Report too about which items are U.S. and union made and where and how I made compromises.

Union-made men's dress shirts

I’m losing weight — 34 pounds so far — and am beginning to swim in my old clothes. I had already planned to replace much of it because they are showing signs of wear, but only with clothes I know can be sourced without sweatshops. I’ve had to step back a bit from my US-made, union-made goal. I’ve got two posts soon about that.

But today, victory.

I wear Van Heusen shirts and like them. Mine are ordinary white pinpoints, US- and union-made. But they vanished in the stores and I figured the jobs were shipped off-shore. But then I saw the company listed at UNITE HERE’s clothing site, so I wrote:


I saw Phillips-Van Heusen listed by Unite HERE! as a maker of union-made
dress shirts. (http://www.unitehere.org/buyunion/promo.php) I would like to
buy these; can you tell me which lines are union made, or how I might buy
them in person or online?

Yours truly,
Scott Wells
Washington, D.C.

I got the reply yesterday:

Dear Mr. Wells:

The UNITE HERE label is sold in department stores only.

In your surrounding area, the label is sold at Macy’s and Lord & Taylor.
Please visit www.pvh.com, store locator for the exact address of these
department stores.

Thank you!

Van Heusen Retail Customer Service

Now, Van Heusen has a number of dress shirt lines, some of which are sold locally at Macy’s and Lord and Taylor and some not. I do need a couple of new shirts. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

And if not them, there are other options, but by mail-order and probably at greater cost.