Online community of interest: Progressive Exchange

I'm a member of the online Progressive Exchange community, and thought some of my more tech-oriented nonprofit-type readers might like it.

It is a

way to share information among people doing online organizing, advocacy, marketing and fundraising on behalf of the public interest. The goal of the Progressive Exchange is to aid the online efforts of progressive causes, campaigns, and organizations.

I participate through a mailing list, which has considerable traffic, so be warned. It reminds me of older Unitarian Universalist function-oriented lists, but a bit more practical and concerning newer technology and practices.

It also has a New York, D.C. and Bay Area jobs list exchange in case you're looking for an employee, employeer or contract work.

UUA Drupal Love, part two

If you're interested in learning about or working on Drupal to help Unitarian Universalist organizations, I respectfully request you create a user login at

Please add "Unitarian Universalist" (without the quotation marks) to Interests, under Personal Information.

Everyone who so identifies will show up on this page.

With this post, I open the category Drupal.

UUA Drupal Love

A while back, I mentioned that the tee-tiny Upper Delaware Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Beech Lake, Pennsylvania has a website that punches far above its weight, and that it is powered by the free and open-source Drupal content management system. I love Drupal to pieces and runs on it. But it can do far, far more.

So, dear readers, which Unitarian Universalist churches -- if any others -- use Drupal? Please say so in the comments.

And while we're at it, what services (particularly with respect to community building) do you want to see in church websites. That's where Drupal shines.

"Geeks and God"

Please excuse me, I'll be blogging a bit less than usual this week. I discovered an interesting blog+podcast called Geeks and God that takes Christian and church-related matters of technology and open-source quite seriously. I'll be listening to these and taking notes. I also have to clean up and improve -- I just upgraded its Drupal content management system -- and work on some long-term church stuff. Will report back later.

Geeks and God

Best links for June 29

Well, best for me, but I know some of you will like them too.