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James Relly's book, "Union"

While I’m cleaning out and finding useful files, I thought I would re-share the PDF book I made of James Relly’s 1759 “Union: or, a Treatise of the Consanguinity and Affinity between Christ and his Church.”

I have made this available at my (somewhat dormant) site, so I think this is the first time I’ve made it available here.


Rellyan Universalism: a late witness

I’m trying — again — to learn the LaTeX document preparation system and discovered three documents I prepared in 2005 in LaTeX, and output as a PDF. I’ll be reposting these this week.

The first is the “Letter from the [Universalist] Church in New Britain [Connecticut] to the Universalist Convention of 1805”.

Richard Eddy reprinted the following letter in his important series of articles entitled “Universalist Conventions and Creeds” (Universalist Quarterly July 1875: 312-318) He called this letter “a fine specimen of the sturdy logic which characterized all the flowed from the pen of its author, Rev. David Evans. It is worthy of preservation, as among the last utterances of the Rellyan theology.”

James Relly was John Murray’s mentor, so its waning by 1805 must have been disappointing to Murray, who died in 1809.

But when I read that it’s “among the last utterances” I confess I’m a little suspicious. Like technological developments, theological developments never really go away, but get repackaged, reimagined and perhaps exported.

Download Letter from the [Universalist] Church in New Britain [Connecticut] to the Universalist Convention of 1805 (PDF, 32kb)