To bookmark: UU leadership resources

I’ve made it plain that I’m not thrilled by the newest UUA Web site. For one thing, I think it’s hard to navigate, but rather than grouse I thought I’d add some “folk navigation.” Each time I find a resource at that I think core stakeholders need, I’ll point it out. This is the kind of thing each of us can do, and the more that do, the better the results are. There’s power in the networks. And don’t hide your light under a bushel.

Here’s a good one-stop resource for UUA leadership tools: Selected Resources for Congregational Elected Leaders

But back to what I find, generally. You might want to bookmark them in your own browser, or even better, bookmark them and tag them in a social bookmarking service like or

I use Feel free to follow everything I bookmark here, or just the thing that relate to the UUA here. You can see what everyone who uses tags as “UUA” here. Ah! there are some things there I would like but did not know about.

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