Log on to OpenCongress to track bills, legislators

I love my Day Job at the Sunlight Foundation: a bunch of terribly clever people working hard to make federal government information transparent and accessible.

So its nice when I can use and recommend some of our projects to my politically-active readers. (My political opinions are mine, not my employer’s, but you knew that.) Last time, I mentioned a recently-introduced bill to improve passenger rail infrastructure. I’m using OpenCongress, a joint project of the Sunlight Foundation and the Participatory Politics Foundation which uses a social networking model to match official information about legislators, legislation and news and blogger response.

Thus here’s the page on H.R.6003 – Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008. That’s where you can see who has sponsored the bill to date. Now see if your representative is on the list.

And I encourage you to get an account and track the members and legislation important to you, especially if legislative ministry is important to you. And be sure to friend me. User name, as you might suspect, is boyinthebands.