Bury me in a rhombic dodecahedron

Hubby and I have talked about where our cremated remains will go one day. Like, what kind of box. (Still keeping an eye out for a good columbarium.) I’m thinking of a Hollinger box, the kind archivists use. I use them too. They even have human remains boxes, though I suspect their intended use is a bit more anthropological.

But one of my unlikely-favorite blogs is box vox, about packaging. It has an article about boxes that stack without lost-space voids, but aren’t cubes.  One is a rhombic dodecahedron. I wouldn’t mind knowing my remains end up in one of those.

Death by cuboctahedronFellow geeks might think, like I did, of the Star Trek redshirts who were reduced to foam-like solids, by the Space Baddy in “By Any Other Name.” (One of which, pictured here, was crushed to death.) I suppose that’s the opposite of having one’s mortal remains preserved in a polyhedron, but since they’re cuboctahedrons that’s different.