Inside the Beltway

A return reader asks:

Do people living in D.C. ever bump into politicians out in public? Have you? Or do they stay in the House and Senate like hermits?

Well, until this new Day Job, I’ve never worked downtown so that’s a limiting factor. I did take the bus to Georgetown for Old Day Job and passed by Senator and Mrs. Edwards’s old home (now sold) and could tell something was up when the Secret Service were out front. But really, how many politicians do you know by sight? I could be running into them all the time. And Hubby’s more likely to know who the arts and theater celebs are than the politicos.

That said, I did share an elevator with Pennsylvania-native Newt Gingrich and one of his handlers. (He may have been elected out of my native state of Georgia but don’t call him a Georgian.) This was in one of those infamous K Street office buildings where many of the city’s leading lobbyists work. I had a job interview there with a nonprofit. Can’t remember when: in the last couple of months but before his recent tell-some confession.

So, no, I don’t run into them but you may be asking the wrong person. Also, I can’t afford the restaurants they’re seen in.

Washington bloggers: this this your experience?