Powers of Ten

I remember seeing this film, perhaps when my family took our trip to D.C. in 1978. Thirty years on, its seamless display of the continuity of existence has stuck with me, and has surely influenced my beliefs.

And bonus! It comes from “the office of Charles and Ray Eames” Not just chairs or stamps!

Thanks to bookofjoe for pointing this out.

Expelled? Ain't buying the smell of persecution

A few weeks ago, ads started appearing in my Gmail about Expelled, a film with Ben Stein that had the smell of a right-wing pity party. Boo-hoo: someone disagrees with him. Give me strength.

No link to it, but a link to Expelled Exposed, a rebuttal site. I don’t have a horse in this race as such, but like Steve Caldwell want to help a pro-science voice get a better search engine hit.

There’s no virtue for a Christian to deny observations and the scientific method in order to embue biblical metaphysics with — wait for the irony! — a cachet of science. Perhaps I do have a horse in this race: an insistence that the truth must be fought for and sought after.

If you have a site, so and do likewise. Surround the link with meaningful text for best results. Thanks.