Reading roundup: August 16

Whew — five days without a blog post. I’ve been ill and Hubby and I are buying a condo, so you’ll excuse my absence. Working on a couple of larger posts, but I’ve also been reading widely and found a few things of interest on the ‘net worth sharing in the meantime.

I don’t follow 304 blog- and news-feeds for nothing. (And if you use Google Reader and would like to share your finds with me, let me know. And then there’s Delicious, where I keep my links (rather than storing bookmarks in the browser.)

Now on for the highlights:

  • Ben Myers (Faith and Theology) quotes Rowan Williams, in a way that makes him sound universalist. Worth a look at the source, and a reminder that he was a brilliant theologian before being such a disappointing Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • Church Marketing Sucks lauds a church for abandoning its weekly bulletin. (But I can’t help think how generations managed with hymnals and hymn boards, plus announcements.)
  • Treehugger reports how Western e-waste — ostensibly second-hand electronics — ends up dumped in Ghana, causing ecological mayhem. Another reason to carefully consider that upgrade, and to reconsider repurposing old electronics. Or at the very least to dispose of electronics through your local collection procedures, so their hazardous materials may be recovered.
  • Oh, and the August 10 front page of Anglicans Online — one of the few Anglican/Episcopalian resources I can manage any more — argues for stewardship (“thrift even!”) in our nonlocal meetings. Gives us Unitarian Universalists room to think before the next round of district meetings and General Assembly.

And two blogs you should read:

  1. Love libraries (librarians?) media and data? See Jessamyn West’s
  2. Love under-appreciated design. Then Dinosaurs and Robots.