The Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship website is …

Out of habit I went to to see the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship website, but it wasn’t there! Come to find out it is at (and only at), at least for the time being.

Heavens, but it’s a bit of an archeological site. I have it on good authority that comments about improving the site are welcome — including what new features you would like to see — and those comments may be left here. (I will have some of my own.)

Change of leadership at the UUCF

I’m glad to share the news that went public yesterday: that Jake Morrill, the minister of the Oak Ridge (Tennessee) Unitarian Universalist Congregation has been named the new Executive Director of the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship. I couldn’t be more pleased.

He follows Ron Robinson in the role, who for many years to his retirement admirably held the position.

Thanks to Ron, and the UUCF Board, lead by Kim Hampton. And congratulations to Jake.

Other coverage of UUCF Revival?

I see that UUCF Executive Directory Ron Robinson has blogged about the UUCF’s Revival Conference in Tulsa.

But I can’t see that anyone else present has. (I don’t know who’s there.) Nor do I know of any so-called hashtags (for example, #uucfrevival09) used to identify photos, microblog posts (like those found on Twitter or or more conventional blog posts.

Does anyone know of coverage of this event?

UUCF: leadership docs online

I love open governance, responsive organizing and Christian fellowship.

For these reasons, I asked members of the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship leadership if Board minutes and financials could be put up on the UUCF site. And they did, promptly. And I’m very happy. Thanks!

If you want to see them yourself, the download links are at the top of the leadership page.