Relly's walk

David Warnock is as glad for Google Maps (in beta) being released for the UK as I was for their release in the US. (Thanks for the tip.)

Now I can fulfill my whistful wish and show you the relative distances between (the site of) Whitefield's now lost London (Moorfields) Tabernacle where early Universalist James Relly -- whom John Wesley later called an antinomian -- started his career as a Calvinist Methodist and the Sandys Row Synagogue, which is in the building formerly used by Relly as a Universalist chapel.

To remind, John Murray and his first wife, Eliza, also made that walk from one to the other.

Google gives walking directions. About twenty minutes as a moderate walking pace.

Relly 's and Murrays' walk

20 July 2006. Or try this Google Maps link.