Obligatory weightloss resolution

Graham (and comment team) at Leaving Munster and Brian at The Beautiful Heresy — two religion bloggers I follow — have announced their weight-gain agita and a resolution to loose the same.

Last year was good for weight loss: I have kept off more than thirty pounds, but yesterday’s weigh-in shows I have another 19.5 pounds to meet my own goal, which I would like to reach before my 40th birthday at midyear. (The doctor would like another 10 pounds on top of that but I’ve never been that weight in adulthood, so I’m not considering that yet.)

I have other New Year’s goals — some personal, some private — and two are related to a new public Internet ministry. More about those as they mature.

40 down, buying clothes

Well loyal readers, I’m proud to announce that have lost 40 pounds to date. Six more to meet my original goal. Some time soon, I’ll get a new photo of myself on the blog. Only those who know me but haven’t seen me in an age will tell the difference.

I mention this too because I have been ordering clothes: I can hardly fit into anything I wore even six months ago. When everything comes in and I’ve vetted them and run them through the wash, I’ll report back. Report too about which items are U.S. and union made and where and how I made compromises.