Oil tops $95; now what?

I think the price of oil is one of a number of symbolically potent measurements on the horizon. With the price of oil continuing to rise, plus a weak dollar and United States domestic unease, I have to ask, what can ordinary people do?

I’m leaving that very vague and open-ended. Feel free to comment. Please describe what you think might be the cause and effect of this anxiety, whether you think it is valid or not, and what might be done.

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  1. In our department, we will be getting two telecommuting days. An entire department with each member not commuting two days a week in Atlanta saves a significant amount of gas. I get plenty of light through a window at home, so no need to use electricity for that.

    I hope the price of gas will encourage employers to offer such alternatives to employees to reduce our impact on fossil fuels and to improve work/life balance.

  2. “Please describe what you think might be the cause and effect of this anxiety”

    the question of this being one of the heralds of the end of the USA major role in the world – and (to be blunt) the shrinkage of the standard of living that we’ve had for the past 60 years.

    Is it valid?
    I dunno, sometimes I hope Im just a cranky aging male, doing what cranky aging males do best – complaining about the state of the world and how better things were in the good old days. Other times I look at some of the other heralds, and am glad I am aging, and wont be around to see what happens in 20-40 years.

    “What might be done”
    universal health care for everyone, tax incentives for mass transportation (not cars), massive tax breaks for alternative energy, politicans who care about the people – hey, not just politicians, more people who care about people! a Massive increase of compassion!

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